Watching Tutorial

I used PSP2018 for this but I think it will work with any version.

Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely unintentional.

I used the beautiful artwork of ©Margaret Morales for this tutorial and the matching Scrap Kit ScrapLHD_IB-MargaretMorales-July2019-bt. Both of these can be purchased at the CDOEstore.

I used two masks for this. The first is the 20-20 Mask and the second is WSL Mask 392 which can be found here.

This tutorial was written as a one in which you can do with it as you please. There are several ways this can go depending on the tube you use, whether you use a scrap kit for elements, and the different masks that are available for you to use.

Let’s get started:

Open a new canvas that is 450×450. Flood fill with white

You’ll want to resize your tube so that it fits comfortably within the canvas.

Apply the 20-20 mask to the tube. Before I merge the group I duplicate the mask layer then Merge Group.

Free Rotate the tube 90 degrees to the right.

Lower the Opacity to 50%.

Copy and Paste your tube again as a new layer. Resize to 80% of the original.

Move to the lower left hand corner. You may want to reposition the masked tube to the way you like.

Using a couple of the elements from the scrap kit position as a new layer between the tube and mask layer. I used Elements 8 and 21.
I positioned Element 21 to the Upper Right of the canvas and Element 8 to the Lower Left. I then lowered the opacity of each to 50%.

Highlight White Layer and Add a new Raster layer.
Select All
Chose a Paper from the scrapkit and Paste Into Selection. I chose Paper 5.
Add Mask WSL Mask 392. Resize Mask Layer by 120% and then Merge Group.

If you haven’t already been tweeking the look it’s time to make any changes you want to make. I generally move things around and play with the opacity while I’m going. Once that’s done add your credits.

Thank you for trying my tutorial.

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