Kaleidoscope Tutorial

Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely concidental.


Tube or Picture- I used the artwork of CuddlyRigorMortis. This is a PTU tube and you can find this one at CDO Estore.
Scrapkit – Optional. I used the Scrap Kit by ScrapCrys_IB-CuddlyRigorMortis-April2018-BT which can be found at CDO Estore.
Gold or Silver Beads Pattern here. Unzip and add to your pattern folder.

No outside filters used.


Foreground Gold Beads Angle 0 Scale 100
Background Color you would like your text to be.

All Settings Remain the Same
Drop Shadow V&H 2, Opacity 53, Blur 8

After I resize a tube/element/picture I will apply
Adjust Unsharp Mask Radius 1.00, Strenth 64, Clipping 4, Luminance Only Unchecked.


Open a new canvas 600×250.
Select All

Note: The following instructions are if you use a tube.

Copy Paper (I chose paper 2)

Paste into Selection

Select None

Copy Tube

Paste as new layer

Resize 35% (or whatever looks good to you)

Position where you like

Apply Drop Shadow

Merge Down

Note: If you are using an Image you will need resize to 600×250. Then paste onto Raster 1


Resize Duplicate 80%

Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat

Selections>Modify>Select Selection Borders Outside Setting = 3

Flood Fill with Foreground (Gold Beads)

Select Raster 1

Effects>Reflection Effects>Kaleidoscope Default Setting

Selections>Select All

Selections>Modify>Contract Selection Setting = 3

Selections Invert

New Raster Layer

Flood Fill with Foreground (Gold Beads)

Selections>Select None

Merge Down

Add any elements you’d like to either the Raster 1 and Copy of Raster 1.

Add Drop Shadows

Add Credits and name and save as .jpg.

Note: Thank you Jodi Merrill for finding some places that needed correcting.

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