Textured Background Forum Style Tag

Texture Background Forum Tag

This was written September 26th, 2018. Any similarity to any other tutorial is unintended.

Author’s Note: When it comes to the textures the settings in the tutorial are those that gave me the effect I wanted. For some textures the settings have to be tweaked for them to appear. Use your own best judgement to get the background you want.

I used PSP2018 to make this.

Tube. I used the tube Leo from http://www.picsfordesign. You will need a license to use this tube.
Any word art or accents of your choosing.

Filters needed
MuRa’s Filter Meister/Copies
Xero Bad Dreams
Xero Porcellain

Open a new 600×250 Canvas.
Flood fill with a medium color from your tube.
Rename background 1.

Paste your tube as a new layer.
Apply MuRa’s Filter Meister Copies/Wall Paper (rotate) at default.
Rename background 2.

Using background 1 apply Selections/Select All.
Using tube layer and apply Image/Crop To Selection.
Apply Image/Decrease Color Depth – 2 Colors Settings Palette Component Grey Values/Reduction Method Ordered dither.
Edit/paste as a new layer rename background 3.
Hide background 3.

Working on background 2 use your Selection tool to draw a small rectangle anywhere on background 2.
Apply Effects/textures effects/textures and chose a randoms texture. I used the following settings.

Size 25%
Smoothness 0
Depth 2
Ambience 3
Shininess 4
Color White
Angle 315
Intensity 50
Elevation 30
Select None.

Repeat this using different textures until you have background 2 filled out. Don’t worry about selecting areas you’ve already done.
When your done set Blend Mode to Luminence Legacy.
Merge Down.
Unhide background 3.
Set the Blend Mode on background 3 to Overlay.
Merge down.
You now have one layer named background 1.

Copy and paste your tube and move to the right rename tube 1.
Chose background 1 and Select All.
Go back to Tube 1 and Crop To Selection.

Duplicate tube 1.
Apply Adjust Blue/Guassian Blur/20.
Apply Xero Bad Dreams at Default.
Duplicate and merge down.
On tube 1 add your favorite drop shadow to your tube and merge down.
Apply Xero Porcellain and rename Tube 1.

Add a new layer and flood fill with your background color.
Select all, Selections Modify/Contract 5 and delete.
Add drop shadow.

Merge visible.

Add word art or any accents of your choosing.
Add your credits.

Merge visible.

Add your name to your tag and save as a .JPG.



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