Can Can Tutorial

Supplies Needed:
PSP – I used PSP 2018
Tube of Choice
Font of Choice
Alien Skin Preset GW_CanCan
Medhi Wavy Lab
Medhi Sorting Tiles
Toadies What Are You
Xero Bad Dreams
AAA Frames FotoFrames
Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Perspective Shadow
Some of my beta testers noticed that some versions of the filters don’t give the same result so if you find this as well you can download versions that will work at:


Let’s Begin:


Open your tube on your desktop
Open a new a new blank canvas 600×400 on your desktop
Choose 2 contrasting colors from your tube.


Effects Medhi Wavy Lab.  The two colors on the right can be anything you’d like them to be.  The filter will choose something for you.


Medhi Wavy Lab


Effects Medhi Sorting Tiles


Sorting Tiles


Effects Toadies What Are You


What Are You


Edge Effects Enhance More
Duplicate and Mirror Horizontal
Set Opacity at 50%
Merge downSelect Custom Selection with Top 50, Left 0, Right 600, Bottom 75



Custom Selection


Promote Selection to Layer
Select NoneDistortion Effect Wave




Mirror Vertical
Merge Down
Edge Effects Enhance
Add a Drop Shadow vh -2, Opacity 100, Blur 20, Color White


Toadies What Are You same settings as before.


Xero Bad Dreams  You can always change the settings to you liking or not use it all.


Bad Dreams


Merge Visible

AAA Frames FotoFrame


Select View Rulers
Hit K and pull top down to 50 and bottom up to 350
Hit any key on the keyboard to dismiss


Copy and paste your tube.  I positioned mine on the left hand side
Add drop shadow same as above except use your darker color.


Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Perspective Shadow with GW_CanCan preset
If you can’t get it to work the settings are below.


Alien Skin


Prespective Shadow
Center Offset = 309
Center Offset Distance (pixels) = 46.24
Overal Opacity = 70
Overall Blur = 0.00
Perspective Blur (pixels) = 6.98
Fade Out = 25
Reflect Selection Color = checked


Add your watermark and any text/word art you’d like.  Save as a .png.








Many thanks to my beta testers Jodi and Bobbi from Harry Potter Creations From The Burrow.

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